How To Strengthen Your Neck Muscles

movement Apr 29, 2021

Are you wondering how you can strengthen your neck muscles?

Since creating the Core Studio App, I have fallen in love with teaching women effective movement techniques and awareness pieces to become stronger as they age.

*You're in for a treat, friend!*

There are three main points when it comes to strengthening your neck and SPOILER ALERT: none of them involve the neck at all.

>>Your neck is there to support your head, so bringing awareness to what's going on around the neck can help to minimize neck pain.<<

Here are three tips to help you understand how the neck is strengthening itself while you’re moving throughout your day.

1. Posture

Incorrect posture is one of the main reasons that women have neck pain in the first place.

Thanks a lot, tech neck!

It's common to see the head forward and tilted down which can cause a pinch in the cervical spine and neck.

In order to get rid of that tightness, visualize the fascial line from the pubic bone, up the front of the belly, underneath the sternum, and all the way up the neck through the top of the head.

This fascial lengthening is going to allow your chest to open and give your neck the strength it needs to support itself.

2. Deep Core Connection

It always comes back to the core, am I right?!

Having a deep core connection starts at the base of the pelvic floor by lightly connecting its four corners together and lengthening up through the top of the head.

>>Think of your pelvic floor as a diamond at the base of your pelvis.<<

As you breathe throughout your day, think about keeping your pelvic floor lightly active but you also want to make sure that you don't over-activate it.

A simple tip to avoid this is to activate your deep core only 50% of what you think you should be. This will ensure you keep your deep core connection light while avoiding dysfunction of the pelvic floor.

3. Mid-Back Strength

The mid-back is a major focus in my programs and workouts.

This is because your mid-back should instantly start to activate as you're working on creating length in your body through proper posture and strengthening your deep core connection.

Some of my favorite mid-back strengthening exercises are swan preps and back extensions.

As you can see, strengthening your neck has nothing to do with your neck. It's about creating length in your body and activating fascia that will support your neck as you are working, standing, or wrangling your little ones.

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