How To Avoid Workout Overwhelm

movement Jan 14, 2021
workout overwhelm

Are you ready for my best tips to avoid workout overwhelm?

*For those days when you're feeling exhausted, there's too much on your plate or struggling to get consistent with your movement practice.*

That stops today! 

Here are my top tips on how to avoid workout overwhelm when you're feeling exhausted.

Give Yourself Grace

This is something us mamas don’t do enough of because we have that mindset of keep going, plow through, don’t stop until you get everything done.

But the reality is: who is telling you that you have to do all of those things? No one.

  • No one said that you have to get 45 minutes of high-intensity exercise in every single day.
  • No one said that this load of laundry has to be folded by the time you go to sleep.
  • No one said that you had to stay and watch your child's soccer practice.

Once you take the pressure off of yourself to get everything done and reflect on what’s important to you in your life as a priority rather than a to-do, the workout overwhelm will drastically decrease.

This is where focusing on what you were able to accomplish vs. what you didn't get done ties in.

So maybe the laundry didn't get folded before bed but you were able to go out for a walk that day. How amazing is that! 

When you start going through your daily life with that thought process, you are going to be a heck of a lot happier person and your stress is going to start to go way down.

Because guess what...the laundry will still be there for you to fold tomorrow.

Reframing the Word Struggle

The word struggle is really heavy.

*I don't know about you, but it doesn’t leave me feeling good.*

Here are some ways that I like to reframe the word struggle:

  • Work in progress...
  • In the process of...
  • Learning how to...

So instead of saying, I'm struggling to find the time to workout, try the more uplifting approach of, I'm working on finding time to workout.

Everything we do in life is always a work in progress. It’s not about how fast we get to a certain finish line, it’s about how can we continue to work on ourselves on a daily basis.

None of you are struggling...we’re all working on.

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