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Get Those Hips To Stop Popping

movement Jun 06, 2019

Hip popping (not hip-hopping... but it can all be relatable when you're doing hip hop I guess if that's your thing ­čśë) when it comes to doing core exercises is a question my team and I get asked A LOT and there's a simple solution! Spoiler Alert... it all comes back to your core.


The first thing to do to start decreasing that hip popping is to learn how to connect through your deep core. If you don't know how to connect through your deep core, that is what I teach you in my Core Rehab Program.

The second part is to decrease your range of motion because a bigger range could lead to another area of the body getting compromised.

These two pieces will allow you to create stability through your hips + pelvis which work together to decrease the popping in your hips. Press play on the video below to see an example movement on how to engage + connect your deep core to encourage proper stability of your hips!

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