Happy Feet 👣 Foot Balance, Shifting + Awareness

movement Jul 11, 2019

Now, I know that I have some out of the box ideas, but I have to ask you... are your feet happy? A lot of times our feet can get neglected and we can forget how important they are. So, this is your wake-up call!! Join me as I talk you through how you can get happy feet too!


That's right, slip those shoes off because we are moving! I love working out barefoot because I'm able to feel the traction through my entire foot. If you are constantly working out in tennis shoes, your feet don't get a chance to really do what they're supposed to do. Press play on the video below to learn more on the importance of working out with your bare feet in mind.

If you want more on how to become stronger through your core + your entire body, I encourage you to check out my Core Rehab Program! It has and is continuing to change so many lives because I talk about a lot of fundamentals that aren't talked about in the fitness industry. I teach components like what you learned today with your feet so that you can become stronger by just being more aware of the way that your body functions.

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