My Biggest Fitness Pet Peeve

movement Jul 18, 2019

I can't tell you how many time I walk into a gym and I see someone doing tricep kickbacks with a rounded back and an unengaged core! All that is doing is causing you neck + low back pain. BUT there is a way to do this exercise that's really effective for your body. This is why I love teaching you how to connect correctly with your body because it might just take a little tweak (like an engaged mid-back or decreasing your weight) to make this exercise feel amazing. Let's get moving!

Want to learn more about the importance of your mid-back? Then I encourage you to tune into my Core Connections Podcast episode where I dive in and talk about how connecting with your mid-back is amazing for the overall health and wellness of your body. Specifically, as it relates to how your neck and shoulders feel!

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