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Improving Fascial Connections Through Breath

core connections fascia Dec 03, 2019

Change happens to us whether we know it or not. Heck, who would have thought my prenatal fitness blog would have turned into me empowering thousands of women through movement or even me coming at you through your headphones.

I get it!! The idea of change can be seen as difficult or uncomfortable. But that's why I'm here.

In this episode, I want to change the way you use your breath in your workouts + daily life because breath plays a huge role in opening up stuck energy, fascia, scar tissue + trapped emotion.

Here's the thing: I want you to EMBRACE change. EMBRACE taking a step back in your workouts. And EMBRACE where you are today.

I never want you to think that you can't change anything in your body. You can, but you have to have this willingness to be open to change.

Listen HERE if you are ready to take a step back and learn:

  • What fascia is. (1:38)
  • A breath exercise to wake up the fascia in your lower back. (6:10)
  • How to open up stuck energy in your ribs through breathwork. (14:58)
  • How your pelvic floor connects everything together. (22:35)
  • How to get out of the "more is more" mindset. (27:44)

Let's learn how your breath can give you so much feedback because let me tell ya, bringing awareness to the role that breath plays in your body is POWER-FUL!



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