Yes, You DO Hold Emotion In Your Fascial System

core connections fascia Apr 28, 2020

Do you ever feel like you just need to cry and have no idea why? Or the l i t t l e s t thing sets you off and leaves everyone with their jaws on the floor?

There are tons of reasons why this could be ladies, but in this episode, we're talking about how fascia can play a role in emotions OR vice versa...whatever way is resonating with you today.

I believe that it's so healing when we start to understand the way the body works from a fascial perspective. But once you layer on the emotional piece that we're going to discuss, it just opens up so much more possibility for your body.

It's going to help you recognize when you're fighting your body, allow your emotions to surface and release, and begin to better understand the mind-body/body-mind connection.

>> As Antonio Damasio puts it, emotions go with your body and feelings go with your mind. <<

My goal is to help you develop a strong movement practice by bringing awareness to emotions that your body is bringing up. These emotions could be:

  • Stress
  • Sadness
  • Grief
  • Anger

This correlation has been something that I've known about and observed for years, but I've been excited to share more on this topic because of the new research that is coming up more often on how our emotions are tied into our fascial system.

When you internalize emotions that you're feeling, it slowly finds its way deeper into the fascial system. This could be a piece as to why are you are experiencing some physical pain whether it be in your low back, pelvis or shoulders. 

The next time you feel resentment, irritability or even overwhelm, I want you to take a deep breath into what you're feeling and give it gratitude.

Once you learn the tools to help you let these emotions surface, you will find yourself living in much more of a flow state. And THAT'S a state you want to be in ladies!

Now comes the hard part. You gotta make this a HABIT.

I completely understand your need to want to get this taken care of overnight. I also know the feeling of wanting to not fight with your body anymore.

But by understanding how these dots are connected, your life can become more enjoyable. It helps train your fascia how you want it to move...and honestly...your fascia helps train you on how to better deal with your emotions.

So ladies, use this episode to recognize deeper emotions that you are feeling, maybe even emotions that you forgot about but your body didn't!

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