Build A Relationship With Your Body

lifestyle Jun 09, 2021

I was recently having a conversation with a Core Rehab member that was frustrated with her back pain.

*Oh, friend, that fires me up!*

There’s nothing I want more than to empower you to build a better relationship with your body. But, I can’t do that until we get one thing straight:

It will take time to heal. And that’s okay.

  • It takes time to feel new connections.
  • It takes time to create new neuropathways.
  • It takes time to change old habits.

But does that mean it's not worth the effort to change? *No!*

Does that make the frustration you feel any less valid? *Again, no!*

Does that mean that you should stop showing up for your body? *You know where this is going…NO!!*

>>If you continue to do what you've always done, you will get the same results.<<

Beautiful, I want you to promise me one thing…Promise me you won't ignore any pain or discomfort that comes up in your body.

And if you will promise me that, I’ll make a promise in return: You will begin to understand what your body is trying to communicate with you.

  • Running is causing you to pee your pants.
  • High-intensity workouts are intensifying your back pain.
  • Crunches are worsening your diastasis recti.

>>Building a relationship with your body is not something you should neglect. It's a relationship that you will have for life.<<

You must slow down to speed up. But one thing is for sure...

>>You will never be able to change if you don't start with where you are today.<<

  • For years, I would push through the pain.
  • For years, I ignored symptoms.
  • For years, I thought I was doing everything right.

*Until I decided to take a step back and connect with my body in a whole new way...Will you?*

Pain and dysfunction in the body typically comes from the pelvic floor. So I created this free resource to teach you how to properly connect with your pelvic floor! Check out my Pelvic Floor Guide to learn more. Download it >>HERE!<<

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