The Mindset to Embrace When Prioritizing Movement Postpartum with Amber Marker

core connections Mar 07, 2024

There’s something we must do when healing postpartum.

Shift our mindset about movement and results.

Here’s the deal: as new mothers, we find ourselves juggling countless responsibilities while neglecting our own well-being. That said, prioritizing movement postpartum is not about getting back in shape but rather reclaiming our strength, confidence, and sense of self.

Ok, so how do you do this?

That’s what Amber Marker, founder of Declan + Crew and As You Are Cycle + Lagree Studio, broke down for us on the podcast.

In this episode, you’ll hear our conversation – and lemme tell you, it was like talking to a long-lost sister. If you’re in the season of navigating motherhood and striving to prioritize your physical and mental health, this episode is for you!

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[04:16] How Amber went from elementary school teacher to opening a fitness studio.

[07:15] What it takes to start a small business.

[12:20] How Amber shifted her mindset towards movement postpartum.

[19:19] Understanding weight gain during pregnancy and postpartum.

[22:32] The impact social media has on mental health.

[26:15] The pivot Amber made to open her cycling and lagree studio.

[28:17] Amber's advice for embracing movement beyond calorie counting.

[33:17] How to visualize your health goals.

[38:09] The importance of giving yourself grace, embracing individual progress, and recognizing that "your best" looks different every day.

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Mom to three and married to my high school sweetheart. A former elementary teacher turned entrepreneur. From creating a community and apparel brand inspired by all things motherhood to launching a fitness studio that embraces self-love with the hopes of helping others view movement as an "I get to" versus an "I have to" in their daily routine.

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