3 Hip Snapping Exercises

movement Apr 05, 2021

Friend, are you over your hips popping in your workouts and daily movements?

I know that it's annoying and something you might have always lived with, but there is something you can do about it!

If you're experiencing hip popping, it just means that something is out of alignment. What you need to do is begin to incorporate exercises that will strengthen the hips and pelvis to create balance.

*You ladies know that movement is my jam and it can be healing in so many ways!*

Here are 3 quick exercises that can strengthen your hips and pelvis:

  1. Parallel squats and pulses are a great way to build hip stability. Connect with your deep core before you move through a slow range of motion. One of my top tips is to do these barefoot so you can feel the connection underneath your feet.
  2. Medial squats are one of my favorite ways to create space in the hips. Your range of motion will be much smaller as you find a neutral position of your pelvis to avoid any low back pain. Parallel and medial squats are a great series to go back and forth between a few times.
  3. Single leg openers allow you to bring awareness to what's happening between both hips and not just the one you're working on. By hanging onto a wall or chair for support, you are able to feel the wrapping of the hip on the standing leg while lengthening out the other to create space.

>>Now that you know how to strengthen your hips to minimize the popping, it’s time to rebalance your pelvis, Beautiful!<<

It starts by taking a step back from your movement practice and building a new relationship with your body. If you feel like you need more help connecting your mind to your body, I am here to help walk you through it!

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