How to Unblock Your Lymphatic System with Dr. Setare Taabodi

core connections health lymph Nov 28, 2023

She got food poisoning… which triggered autoimmune conditions.

She went looking for answers through conventional medicine… and got none.

She learned how to reverse chronic illness symptoms through natural medicine… and was completely off medications within 6 months.

And ALL Dr. Setare Taabodi had to do was find the root cause of her symptoms. What does this have to do with the lymphatic systems? Lemme explain…

There are over 600 lymph nodes in the body that protect us from pathogens and toxins from traveling to other places in the body and potentially cause worsening symptoms.

Our lymphatic systems are overburdened from toxins in the environment and humans don’t move as much as we used to.

In this episode, Setare shares how she has improved the lymphatic system in her body for natural detoxification, better digestion, and immune system support.

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[02:17] The events that led Dr. Setare Taabodi to find her passion for holistic and integrative medicine.

[04:51] How one health incident can have a cascade effect on your health without you even knowing it.

[08:08] Why the lymphatic system is important for our health and wellness.

[09:58] The #1 tactic Setare uses to stimulate the lymphatic system.

[11:22] The impact rebounding can have on the pelvic floor and deep core function.

[17:36] How rebounding can improve constipation for regular bowel movements.

[19:21] What foods lead to constipation and what foods should you add to your diet to better digestive function.

[25:36] What you can start doing today to become healthier in a world that is hard to be healthy in.

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Dr. Setare Taabodi is a board certified family nurse practitioner and a natural medicine health consultant. After suffering from POTS, digestive issues, and multiple autoimmune conditions, she was able to heal herself naturally with nutrition and herbal medicine. She now helps people all around the world reclaim their health and reverse their chronic health conditions.

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