What to Do When You’re Experiencing Coning during Pregnancy

core connections diastasis recti pelvic floor pregnancy Nov 14, 2023

‘Is coning during pregnancy normal?’

‘Could I have prevented this? What exercises can I do to reduce this.’

‘Why am I experiencing it this pregnancy after addressing it last pregnancy?’

These are the questions that came to the surface when Tenyka emailed me her question about her weak pelvic floor, coning, and pregnancy symptoms. After working with prenatal and postnatal women for over 20 years, I’ve realized what causes coning of the belly and how to manage it.

The thing is… when it comes to healing the body, it’s never too late.

And releasing and relaxing the body is imperative as you progress through pregnancy.

In this episode, I’m sharing the exact advice and solution I would provide to someone who is like Tanika and experiencing coning during pregnancy after working postpartum to restrengthen their ore. I share information like this on our Knocked-Up Fitness monthly coaching calls and I knew it would be beneficial with you.

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[01:06] The question I got asked about pregnancy symptoms after being pregnant and recovering postpartum previously.

[02:31] What is causing symptoms (incontinence, coning of the belly, weak pelvic floor) to arise during pregnancy.

[06:46] The importance of using your breath during your pregnancy workouts and daily movement during pregnancy.

[08:21] How to zip up from your pelvic floor through the top of your head to prevent peeing your pants when cough or sneeze.

[09:53] Why you can’t fully prevent or stop all incontinence during pregnancy.

[11:10] An explanation of what is coning of the belly is, what it means, what leads to diastasis recti, and how you can you prevent diastasis recti.

[16:05] What you can do now if you are experiencing the same symptoms as Tenyka.

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