How to Take Care of Your C-section Scar and Relieve Pain During Sex With Whitney Sippl

core connections Mar 14, 2023

When you have ACL surgery, you develop scar tissue – your surgeon sends you to a physical therapist to work out the scar tissue, regain mobility in your knee, and create stability within your whole body.

But when it comes to recovering from a C-section, it's minimized. You're left feeling like an outsider because you weren't educated on what to do next...and so you do nothing, you segment yourself from women who had vaginal deliveries, and you deal with the pain because you're afraid to do anything else.

How do you take care of your C-section scar so you can get back to functioning in life?

Enter pelvic floor physical therapist Whitney Sippl. Whitney was a guest of the podcast back in February 2022 (listen to her episode >>HERE<<) and our conversation about supporting your pelvic floor clarifies that you're considered postpartum if you've EVER had a baby.

In this episode, she not only shares tips for healing C-section scars no matter how long it's been since abdominal surgery – she pairs this insight with main causes of pain during postpartum sex and how to relieve it.

Click >>PLAY<< now to hear:

  • What can happen if the C-section scar tissue gets stuck and how to flatten the stomach
  • How to improve sensitivity around the scar tissue
  • Ways to reduce pain during sex postpartum
  • And a whole lot more!

If you want to learn more with Whitney, you can find her prenatal and postnatal online classes >>HERE<< – use code 75OFF for 75% off – and you can follow her on Instagram @restoredphysique.

Watch the full interview here:

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Dr. Whitney Sippl is a pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in treating women during pregnancy and postpartum. She’s passionate about promoting awareness, well-being, and healing with a goal of empowering people during the prenatal and postnatal periods to address the common but NOT normal discomforts or concerns that they may experience during this time.


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