Best Ways to Reduce Shoulder and Neck Pain

core connections Jan 10, 2023

Are you trying to get rid of your shoulder OR neck pain and don't know where to begin?!

In today's episode, I'm sharing my best tips to reduce shoulder or neck pain so that you can start bringing awareness to improve how your body feels and functions.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • What type of pillow you should be using while you're sleeping
  • The common cue that is enhancing shoulder pain
  • What crunches have to do with neck pain
  • How your bra impacts your upper body

and more. 

Regardless if you are dealing with shoulder or neck pain or not, I know you can apply the advice I give in this episode to your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, we ALL want to be in the SAME boat: We want to live our lives pain-free. That's it. We want to THRIVE in life and not just survive.

Core Rehab ladies like Carly who suffered from low back pain, Alanna who healed her diastasis recti, Angela overcoming shoulder pain, Jess educating herself on pelvic floor recovery, Roseanne doing jumping jacks on a full bladder, Kristi's stomach flattening...

They all are healing different areas of their body, but they are all doing ONE thing the same: Taking back control of their health.

If you’re ready to hear my best tips for reducing shoulder and neck pain and how to improve your daily movement habits, click play >>HERE!<<

There’s few things I love more than educating you on how your body functions, so thank you for being here! To never miss another episode, subscribe to the Core Connections Podcast on Apple Podcasts!

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