Step-by-Step: How to Improve Your Squats

core connections Jun 14, 2022

Do you incorporate squats throughout your day?

>>If your answer is no, then I need you to understand something: squats are a part of our everyday life so they need to be done effectively!<<

I speak so highly of squats because of two reasons:

  • They improve your mobility as you age.
  • They strengthen your pelvic floor in a lengthened position.

Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

As you're aging, squats are able to have a positive effect on your pelvic floor, knees, hips, low back, and even your neck. If you haven't heard me say it before I'm saying it now, everything in the body is connected.

So much of how we move and feel comes back to the pelvic floor. Squats are able to tap into the pelvic floor connection to not only strengthen it but to release tightness that could be hindering your results. Your body will thank you when you lift up out of your pelvic floor before you move.

All of this is possible for you when you learn how to squat effectively. Listen in on my tips on how to improve your squat form >>HERE!<<

I hope these tips will help you improve the squats that you are doing throughout your day... because my prediction is that once you start to bring awareness to how you move and hold your body you will start to feel stronger! If you'd like even MORE help with your pelvic floor, I have a program I'm sure you'd LOVE: Core Rehab. There, I teach you techniques for healing your body through movement, wellness, breathwork, and intuition. You deserve to feel confident in your body, so join the waitlist >>HERE<< to be the first to know when the doors are OPEN for enrollment!

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