Here’s How to Create Healthy Habits in 2022

core connections Jan 06, 2022

This time last year, in January 2021, I was helping women set goals, and I myself was planning for the future of my many health and wellness programs.

I gave tips on this very podcast on how to enhance your mindset as you dove headfirst into the new year.

>>Now, one year later in January 2022, and I’m here to back up my simple mindset shifts through research to help you reach your health goals.<<

In this episode, you’ll hear about the why behind what I teach and what makes it so effective...

But most importantly, there’s a message for YOU to light a fire underneath your booty so can set yourself up for success in 2022.

Ready for this research? Click play >>HERE!<<

If you’re reading this, I hope that as you reflect on your 2021, you see all that you learned because it's what got you here and what will continue to keep moving you forward.

If you’d like additional support with your health goals as you head into 2022, join me inside the Core Studio App for an 8-Week New Year's Challenge! I will be showing up with you every week to answer questions and share all my juicy health tips, so click >>HERE<< to start your subscription and I'll see you on a live inside our group super soon.

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