Cultivate Balance: Breaking the No Time Mindset with Chanelle Neilson

core connections Dec 28, 2021

Do you want to cultivate balance in your life as a mother? Well, beautiful, in order to do that you need to break your NO TIME mindset... which is exactly what we're chatting about today.

This episode is very special because my guest, Chanelle Neilson, is a life coach who helps moms with a side hustle organize their days and find a balance between family and personal goals. But the thing that makes it EXTRA special? She is a mom of FIVE who has gone through the same challenges as you!

That's right – obstacles as a mom are universal, but it's how we define our success as a mother that helps us train our minds to focus on the good.

In this conversation, Chanelle and I discuss:

  • Overcoming the fear of failure as a mother
  • Tips to retrain negative thought process
  • Shifting your perspective from having no time to take to having time
  • Creating a life vision and having your morning routine reflect that

and more!

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Chanelle as much as I enjoyed getting to know and learn from her. There’s nothing I love more than getting to have conversations with amazing women like her, and of course, sharing their insights with you, so click play >>HERE!<<

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Chanelle Neilson is a life coach who helps moms with a side hustle who want to organize their day and find a balance between family and personal goals. As a mom of 5 kids, Chanelle Neilson knows that motherhood has its challenges — that’s why she is passionate about helping moms simplify so they can prioritize what matters and define success for themselves. She is the former host and creator of the popular Moms Who Know Podcast and the author of Parents Who Know, which has been translated into Chinese. 

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