How to Make the Biggest Bounce-Back Mindset Shift | Core Rehab Reflection

core connections Jul 20, 2021

Do you know the biggest factor in pelvic floor recovery?

No, it’s not working out harder, faster, or heavier…

>>Beautiful, contrary to popular belief, the biggest factor of your recovery is your mindset.<<

With that said, this episode of a Core Rehab Reflection Call is unique because our conversation was focused on the bounce-back mindset (how the women believe that they have to beat their bodies up to get their before-baby body back that is actually causing more harm to their bodies).

Friend, you are listening to this message RIGHT now because you need to hear me say one thing: You have the power to heal your body, but only if you allow your mind to trust the process.

I can give you all of the tools and workouts in the world, but if you don't have an open mindset, they won't work!

In this episode, you’ll hear Core Rehabbers talk about:

  • Pressure to bounce back after pregnancy
  • How to keep gentle movement in your life after recovery
  • Mindful movement techniques that enhance body functionality

and more!

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