Where You're At Today Is Exactly Where You're Supposed To Be

core connections Dec 24, 2019


I see you frustrated, over it and maybe even a little worried. Your goals you have set for yourself seem so far away and you have no patience to get there.

This dreamer gets it!

If you've been wondering why you aren't getting to where you want to be, then sit tight because this episode is for you.

I talk about the importance of embracing where you're at today and share some great tips on how to begin being more present, letting go of the past and not worrying about what the future holds.

Being present each day can be challenging... but that's where the power of awareness comes in!

By being aware of your thoughts, you can begin to be more present in your daily tasks which will help you be more productive, create balance and live a more fulfilled life.

  • Why the “go big or go home” mentality doesn't work.
  • The power of being present: moving on from the past + stop worrying about the future.
  • Bringing awareness to your worries.
  • The same mindset will get you the same results.

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to connect with so many of you in our little community and have LOVED every second of it! Helping you overcome whatever hurdle you may be facing and seeing you thrive is why I love what I do so much. That's why I wanted to create my 5-Day Rejuvenation Challenge to help connect all of these pieces and set you up for success in 2020. But hurry!! The challenge starts on December 30th, so click >>HERE<< to sign up!

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