Stop Sucking Your Belly To Spine

movement Jun 30, 2021

It’s a common question I see in my comments all the time: “Why shouldn't I suck my belly to my spine? It's what I've always been taught.”

My response is always the same: “It's doing more harm than good by shutting off the deeper layers of the core.”

In order to strengthen the deep core effectively, you must create space through your body.

Because, friend, when you are sucking your belly to your spine, you are:

  • Rounding your shoulders forward
  • Using bad posture
  • Putting pressure on the pelvic floor
  • Gripping the obliques 
  • Restricting your breathing

*None of those habits are creating space in your body.*

>>In order to start breaking this habit, you must first bring awareness to it.<<

By recognizing that you're sucking belly to spine, you are able to correct it by activating the pelvic floor and lengthening tall to send new messaging to your brain.

As you connect from the pelvic floor - with time - you'll be surprised by how intuned you'll become with your body.

Once you have a mind-body connection established, it becomes easy to feel the activation of your pelvic floor. And that is what you need to create in order to have proper core function.

Your pelvic floor is what lays the foundation throughout your deep core and entire body. Far before you ever get a flatter tummy, you must first do the internal work by waking up the deeper layers of fascia.

Once you start to work the fascial lines from the pelvic floor, through the front of the core, and along the spine, the fascia will become stronger as it's forming in the way in which you move.

>>Reframe the way you've been taught to belly to spine. Think about your entire core lengthening and you will become so much stronger.<<

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