Side Plank Variations

movement Apr 02, 2020

Let’s chat about side plank variations and what you can do to make your side planks more effective.

The key is to focus on wrapping your ribs while lengthening through your deep core.

I’m sharing exactly how I cue my clients to effectively move through a side plank position because I want you to feel the same connections.

Side planks are an amazing exercise with TONS of different variations.

In order to get the most out of your side planks, you need to master the modified version first.

When I say modification, this doesn’t mean less effective.

Moving into a side plank when your body isn’t ready for it can actually cause your back, neck and knee pain to get worse. *yikes* That's why it's important to only move through a range of motion that feels good for your body.

So, let's get started with my key steps to making your side planks more effective:

Modified Side Planks Into Full Side Planks

  • Place your forearm on the mat
  • You want to feel the fascial connection from your pinky finger, up the backside of your arm and around your shoulder blade
  • Feel the wrapping around your ribs and a nice opening across your chest and shoulders
  • Keep your knee in line with your body
  • Activate both glutes
  • Lift and wrap around your ribs and to keep any tension out of your back
  • Zip up through your pelvic floor and low belly
  • You want to connect through the center of your body first and then add the lateral work

Full Side Planks

  • Keep your body in line and place your palm on the mat
  • Lift up, wrapping around your ribs while zipping up through your pelvic floor and lower belly
  • Connect through the center of your body first before moving into lateral work 
  • Reach long through your toes
  • Only work through a range of motion that feels good for your body

If you feel one side is easier or harder than the other, do a few more on the side that is tighter to help work through any imbalances.

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