Should You Be Doing Ab Exercise Every Day?

movement Feb 01, 2021
abs everyday

Should you be doing ab exercises every day?!

>>In my world, I don't teach a lot of ab exercises because I believe in activating your core as a whole.<<

So I want to reframe this question: Should you do something every day that activates and stimulates your core? Absolutely, 100%.

That is why doing shorter workouts is so effective for your core because it turns on the connections in your body so you're ready to move in your daily life.

Traditional ab exercises are taught to jam your back into the ground thus shutting off your deep core, shutting off your pelvic floor, risk worsening your back issues, and ultimately weakening your entire core.

When you look at the way that I teach movement, you might notice that it looks a little different than other workouts you've tried in the past because my cueing focuses on creating space and length.

For a deeper dive into my thoughts on this topic, check out the short 4-minute video below explaining the way that I look at the core!

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