A Busy Moms Guide To Virtual Learning with Sarah Snyder

core connections Aug 11, 2020

Ladies, since the day the pandemic began, we've all been trying to figure out this new normal that COVID-19 has brought us.

>>With change brings a new perspective…and I've seen it in 320 different ways over the past few months!<<

Everything as we knew it got turned upsidedown from the routines we relied on and to even stopping by the grocery store to grab toilet paper. It's taken a lot of navigating, but we are still here...and we still have so much to learn. 

As our kids approach the new school year, there are still so many unknowns as far as how to go about virtual learning goes.

Like do you still have to raise your hand to go to the bathroom during class?

But during a time that doesn't make sense to us anymore is an opportunity to get to do something rather than framing it as something you have to do.

No, my guest Sarah Snyder and I don't have all of the answers as to how you and your kids should maneuver the online learning space, but you can find the answers for yourself by continuing to learn.

And that's what this episode is all about. 

Here’s the thing: It's not going to be perfect. In fact, it's going to be full of challenges that you never thought you'd have to face before. But learning about these tools and tips that Sarah and I are going to discuss is going to help you create a smoother transition for your kids as and less stress for you.

I can’t wait for us to look back on this fall and see all the amazing opportunities that we got to experience, the unexpected value that came out of it, the perspective we gained and the lessons we learned. Giving yourself some grace during this process is what matters most.

>>The world and life is chaotic right now...but you have to learn how to roll with it.<< 

Yes, these are uncertain times and you might not remember what you learned in algebra 20 years ago, but I want to remind you that our kids feed off our energy…our outlook can impact so much more than we may initially realize.

So if you’re wanting to make a little more sense of this virtual learning journey that you're about to embark on, click >>HERE<< to dive into this episode. Ladies, we are in this together.

And because this time is all about finding a balance while still showing up for yourself, I want to gift you something ladies! This is a 10-minute Pilates flow workout to get you moving, focus your mind and help to decrease stress in your life. So if you’d like to join me on the mat and get access to this toning workout click >>HERE<<.


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Bio: Sarah is a full-time working mom with 7 years of experience using online school for homeschooling. She shares her tips, tricks and knowledge with other parents as they navigate the online learning and distanced learning space. Sarah never intended to be a homeschooling mom but is now passionate about the benefits of online school and wants to help guide others on the same path. She is currently offering an online course that helps families prep for this fall called Distance Learning Optimized.

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