Rib Activation Tip To Better Your Ab Exercises

deep core Apr 21, 2021

Ready to know how to make your ab exercises more effective?

This is one of my unique training techniques that not a lot of women are taught and I want to share it with you!

*The key lies in your ribs!*

I created a short tutorial showing you how to apply these tips to basic core exercises.

Ready to know my rib activation tips? Here they are!


The very first thing you need to do is connect with your breath. Why? Because that is what is going to initiate your movement.

>>Proper breathwork can help improve and strengthen core function as well as the entire body.<<

To start, take a deep inhale to soften your ribs. Then think about drawing your ribs lightly down towards your hips.

Being able to use your breath to move your body is a powerful way to enhance your results with your ab exercises.


Contrary to what you have been taught in the past, your abs should not be what is bringing you up with your core exercises.

That is your ribs job!

After you connect with your ribs through your breath, you are going to tuck your chin lightly and use your rib cage to bring you up.

Visualize your ribs sliding towards your pelvis rather than jamming your low back into the ground.

>>This will help to avoid any low back pain from developing or getting worse.<<

Your pelvis should not move as you're zipping up from the pelvic floor and lower belly.

As you can see, your ribs play a huge role in how you move your body, so it's important to use them to your advantage so you can live pain-free!

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