Quick Posture Tips + Ways To Improve Your Deep Core Function

deep core May 07, 2020

For years, I have signed my emails with "stand tall + be confident."

It's my little way of empowering you to bring awareness to your posture because how you hold your body has so much to do with how it functions.

So let's chat about it! Here are some quick posture tips to start implementing into your day.

First things first, I want you to do this exercise with me. I recommend doing this barefoot because your shoes could be what's altering your posture.

So we will start by walking in place + stopping…

Did your feet land naturally under your hips? If not, bring awareness to what your feet are doing. You want to feel your weight evenly distributed throughout both feet.

Are you locking your knees? Locking your knees is the body’s way of cheating and puts unnecessary tension + stress on your low back. Start by softening your knees when you stand. This can help release your low back and allow you to connect through your pelvic floor and deep core more easily.

Let’s talk about your pelvis. You want to avoid tucking your bum because it shuts off your pelvic floor + deep core and forces your low back to do more than it should. Instead, I recommend connecting through the base of your pelvic floor, zipping up through your deep core and lengthening tall through the top of your head. 

Are you rounding forward? To avoid this, focus on engaging your mid-back muscles. By lightly engaging your mid-back, you can use these muscles to hold up your neck and head, removing any tension.

Start to use these postural tips while you are standing, sitting and moving throughout your day. By lightly engaging your pelvic floor and deep core, you can stand taller, alleviate aches + pains and strengthen, lengthen and tone your body.

As always, if you’re needing some more guidance, I got you, lady! If you’d like to learn more about how to properly activate your pelvic floor, download my FREE Pelvic Floor Activation PDF! Grab it >>HERE!<< and get ready to stop having to deal with peeing you pants a little bit when you laugh...not normal!

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