Tips To Improve Your Posture

deep core Jun 14, 2021

Beautiful, are you over feeling achy and stiff as you move throughout your day?

*If you’re nodding your head, you are in for a treat!*

Bringing awareness to your posture can dramatically improve the functionality of your body.

>>Posture is an easy way to start creating healthy physical and mental habits.<<

Because I am a deep core specialist, I have learned a lot about posture's role in healing the body and enhancing confidence.

Below are my top posture tips to help you live life with fewer aches and pains because as busy moms *we don't have time for that!*.


First, start by walking in place and notice where the weight is on your feet. You don't want to be all the way back on your heels or up on your toes. Try to find positioning in the middle of the feet. Toes get neglected in posture, so wiggle them to help grab the ground underneath you. This can make a huge difference in your posture and core function!


The body finds a way to cheat with posture by locking the knees out. This can actually make your deep core weaker! If they're locked out, soften them enough to stop pulling in your low back and make it easier for you to activate your pelvic floor and lower belly.


Working our way up to the pelvis. Check in to see if you're overarching your pelvis, hanging out in your low back, or tucking your booty and gripping your glutes. Begin to activate your hamstrings and deep core to support the low back. It's all about finding a nice balance. To learn more about your pelvic floor, download my free Pelvic Floor Guide >>HERE!<<


It's common to have rounding shoulders forward because we’re on our phones all day, working on our computer, or looking down at our little ones. To avoid this, think about lengthening tall from the mid-back through the top of the head to create space along the spine and in the neck.


I have to make sure that I point out shoulders because how many times have you been told to roll your shoulder back and down? Instead of forcing your shoulders into position, I encourage you to let them hang out and relax. Movement from our shoulders should be coming from the core and mid-back to give you more support for your neck.

As we have worked our way up the chain, I have to admit: posture may not seem like you're doing a lot, but it's doing more than you think.

When you are creating a strong foundation, you are setting yourself up for a pain-free life.

*And remember, I’m always here if you have any questions.*

If you’d like to connect deeper with your body, get step-by-step pelvic floor activation instructions, and learn what your pelvic floor has to do with your overall health, download my Pelvic Floor Guide! In this free guide, I'll teach you my unique training techniques to begin healing your body from the inside out. Download the Pelvic Floor Guide >>HERE<< and learn something new about your body!

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