How To Do Pelvic Tilts and Hip Rolls

movement Nov 05, 2020
pelvic tilts

Have you ever thought, “I can't feel my core working with any ab exercises that I do."?

If so, I need you to understand one vital secret to getting your deep core to activate...Core work doesn't start at the abs, it goes DEEPER than that.

For example, if you're only addressing the 6-pack muscles, you are missing the bigger picture. Deep core strength starts by connecting with the fascia underneath that muscular layer.

Friend, think of ab work as fascial work.

*That's what's going to get you the flat stomach you desire!*

But understand this: you just can't go through the movements. You have to connect your mind to your body.

>>This connection won't happen overnight. It takes time for that fascia to wake up and feel alive again.<<

Pelvic tilts and hip rolls are foundational movements that my unique style of training is built off of to begin waking up your pelvic floor and strengthen those deep core layers.

Both of these movements are focused on breathwork. Using your breath to initiate your movement (or just being able to breathe into your pelvic floor!) is the alarm clock your fascia needs to wake up.

Just because there's no crunching involved doesn't mean that they're not effective.

You see, the secret to deep core exercises is that they are gentle.

>>This slow gentle movement is the key to begin connecting your mind to your movement so you're not just going through the motions!<<

If you’re interested in understanding your pelvic floor more but don't know where to start, you need my Pelvic Floor Guide! In it, you'll learn my tips and techniques on how to activate your pelvic floor and keep that connection throughout your day. Say BYE BYE to Kegels! Download the guide for FREE >>HERE!<<

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