Is Your Pelvic Floor Function Holding You Back

deep core Jul 16, 2021

“Oh, no…Not another woman joking about peeing her pants,” I think to myself as I scroll through my feed.

The truth is, I want to virtually grab those mamas by the shoulders and tell them that this doesn't have to be their new normal.

*You think Mark Zuckerberg could make this a new feature?*

>>As women, all we want is to feel empowered in our bodies, but it seems like after having kids that can seem to be taken away from us.<<

Can you relate, Beautiful?

If so, I have good news: you CAN feel confident in the functionality of your body...even if you don't have hours of time, a pelvic floor physical therapist, or any clue of where to start.

I can prove it in just a few days when I’m hosting a FREE Masterclass: The Pelvic Floor’s Role In Healing Your BodyAnd I want YOU to have a front-row seat!

In The Pelvic Floor’s Role In Healing Your Body, you’ll learn:

  • What to do to get rid of peeing your pants when you run, laugh, jump, or sneeze
  • How to decrease back pain, neck pain, hip pain, pelvis pain, and more discomforts
  • The best way to heal diastasis recti and improve pelvic floor function

…and more!

This free, one-hour class will also be the place where you can come join me live and ask me your health questions.

*It’s a digital pelvic floor party, but I'll have my Lululemon Leggings on.*

Ready to join?! Or, better yet, ready to invite a friend to join you?!

>>Register for How to Beat the Algorithm TODAY!<<

get started by grabbing my free resources.

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