How To Relieve Morning Back Stiffness

movement Jun 04, 2021

Morning back stiffness is common for so many women on so many different levels.

  • “I can't get out of bed."
  • “It goes away after a few hours so I don't worry about it."
  • “I feel hopeless."

Friend, I have just the thing you need!

For years, I have been helping women get rid of their back pain.

I couldn’t do this without gentle movement that enables them to connect with their bodies...that's right, no morning stretches needed!

Can I teach you my unique way of looking at the body, too?

My tip is simple:

>>Morning back stiffness comes from the body looking for support and balance from other areas starting with your pelvic floor.<<

And to prove that this way of thinking really works, I created a resource so you can learn how to connect with your pelvic floor as soon as you wake up in the morning. *I’m excited, are you?!* 

My free Pelvic Floor Guide is just the resource you need to learn how to properly connect with your pelvic floor which will ultimately strengthen your deep core to support your low back! Download it >>HERE!<<

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