How to Test for Mold Toxicity in Your Home

core connections Sep 08, 2020
mold toxicity test

*Take 2!* It’s time for another mold toxicity episode!

Ever wonder why mold toxicity symptoms act up for you?

I mean, I can't be the only one going crazy right? Do I need to get to the nuts and bolts of my home to make it stop?

>>I'm going to ask you to pause and take a deep breath my friend!<<

I know it can be scary and overwhelming to think that there is black mold in your home but I’m telling you, the source of mold exposure doesn't always come from your home!

There's a multitude of things that go into this mold stuff including your environment and genetics. And a big part of it comes back to your mindset and how you choose to look at mold toxicity not only in your home but in your body. 

In this episode you will hear me discuss:

  • Visualization practices to overcome the overwhelm
  • Where exposure could be coming from
  • Different ways to test for mold toxicity in your home
  • How to keep black mold out of your home

Ladies, I hope after listening to this episode you have the tools to help you overcome mold toxicity in your home. The best way to begin is by clicking play >>HERE<< to start learning how to clear the mold from your house!

The material contained within is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues and consult your physician before beginning a new regiment or purchasing any product(s).

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