Do You Have to Live with Back Pain?

deep core Sep 27, 2021

Are you trying to get rid of your back pain?

*Friend, I feel you.*

I've been working with the body for a long time, and time and time again I hear women say they've tried everything to heal their back pain and feel like it's something they're going to have to live with.

If you can relate, I have news for you…

>>If you are dealing with back pain, it's time to start looking at your body as a whole.<<

 It’s truly that simple.

So, when I'm asked by women if they will ever be able to get rid of their back pain, my response is: "Let's look at your deep core."

When I'm talking about the deep core, it starts at the base of your pelvis *which is your pelvic floor* and goes all the way through your torso to underneath your shoulders. This includes your ribs, the fascial layers of your abdominal wall, the deep layers along your spine, and your diaphragm. *Because your breath does matter!*

I know I talk about the pelvic floor a lot, but that's because you can't address pain and dysfunction in the body without involving the pelvic floor.

Regardless of what you want to improve in your body, you have to start at your pelvic floor.

 >>It may be a long game, but you don't have to live with back pain forever.<<

 But the question remains: Will you learn how everything in your body is connected?

If you’re ready, I have good news…

>>I want to teach you The Pelvic Floor's Role In HEALING Your Body.<<

This free, one-hour masterclass will show you how to connect with your pelvic floor so you can:

  • Get rid of peeing your pants when you run, laugh, jump, or sneeze
  • Decrease back pain, neck pain, hip pain, pelvis pain, and more discomforts
  • Heal diastasis recti and improve pelvic floor function

Register today to save your seat or click >>HERE<< and we’ll talk soon!

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