Lighting Hacks To Improve Your Sleep

wellness Dec 10, 2020
sleep hacks

Something I love about creating a unique health and wellness routine is the changes I feel in my body when I make these little shifts.

I had this same feeling when I changed out the lightbulbs in my bedside lamp.

Hold on to your lampshades ladies because this is a gamechanger!

But let me pause you for a second, in addition to teaching women how to use movement to reclaim their health, I am also an expert in wellness because I believe that everything is connected.

>>I’ve done quite a bit of research on how lighting affects the circadian rhythm which is important to improve the quality of sleep which ultimately affects overall health and energy throughout the day.<<

See I told you everything is connected!

When it comes to improving your quality of sleep it's best to look at your sleeping habits...and then going deeper than that as you bring awareness to the lighting in your home.

It's known that your electronics can affect your sleep, but you don’t hear a lot of people talk about the lighting in your house playing a role in some good shut-eye.

A simple tip is to use more yellow-toned lightbulbs in your space so at night while you're cooking dinner, playing with the kids or helping with homework you can begin to get your body ready for bed.

But I wanted to go even deeper than I decided to switch out the lightbulbs in my bedside lamp with these adjustable wavelength emitting bulbs.

They come with a remote so you can switch through three settings as you go about your bedtime routine:

  • Daytime Light (begin to relax)
  • Reading Light (regulates the body’s natural circadian rhythm)
  • Night Light (supports restful and undisturbed sleep)

To see the different settings in action and how I use them as I get ready for bed check out this video >>HERE<<.

These lightbulbs are also in my kids' lamps as well to help calm them down and avoid that second wind of energy before we tuck them in for bed.

I encourage you to start to pay attention to how lighting affects you, especially in the evenings, and if you ever have any questions regarding anything health, fitness or wellness related to shoot me a DM on Instagram...or just stop to say hi I'd love that!

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