5 Questions To Ask When Improving Your Posture

movement Aug 06, 2021

Everyone wants to improve their posture.*And, trust me, I believe that you should.* 

But there are a few things it requires that most forget about:

  • You need to break old habits.
  • You need to be aware of it throughout your day.
  • You need to apply it to your workouts.

That may sound a little obvious, but that is what's going to get you results! Here are some questions to ask yourself when working to improve your posture:

  • Where do your feet land?
  • Are you locking your knees?
  • Is your pelvis overly arched?
  • Is your booty tucked?
  • Are your shoulders rounded?

Does that sound like something you can do, beautiful? 

*Good. That mindset is what it takes.* 

It takes looking at the body as a whole to improve your posture. It takes better posture to improve the way your body feels.

But how can you expect to get results if you're not bringing awareness to creating new postural shifts? 

>>Trust me when I say that changing old habits won't happen overnight, but by showing up consistently you will create new fascial connections faster.<<

Oh, and one last thing: when you do begin to see your posture improving, notice what else is happening in your body because you might just discover something new about it.

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