How To Make Your Core Stronger

deep core Jul 23, 2020

I've seen how women tend to hold their bodies and I know EXACTLY why you're struggling to make your core stronger.

The bad news is that it's affecting your core. The good news is that it's fixable...and I know EXACTLY how to help.

>>In this 3-minute video, I'm going to let you in on the number one reason why your core isn't getting stronger and a simple way to fix it.<<

The first thing you can do to begin strengthening your core is STOP sucking your belly to your spine. This can be a hard concept for many women to embrace because we’ve been taught to do this for years.

The thing is when you suck your belly to your spine, you are actually shutting off the connection in your pelvic floor. It also causes you to naturally hunch over by putting unnecessary pressure on your low back and neck.

This bad habit can also lead to incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, neck pain and more.

How should you properly activate your pelvic floor + deep core? I’m so glad you asked!

Let’s understand what the pelvic floor is first. Think of your pelvic floor as a diamond. It runs from the top of your pubic bone to the back of your bum (anus) and from sit bone to sit bone (bony parts of your bum).

To properly activate your pelvic floor and deep core, lightly draw those four points together, zip up through your deep core and lengthen tall through the top of your head.

If you don’t feel the connection in your pelvic floor and the deep core right away, that is completely okay! Visualize that connection happening in your body. Visualization is a powerful tool that I love using because once the mind understands what the body should be doing, the body is quick to follow!

It takes time to re-teach your body at the foundational level so be patient and the connection will come!

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