How to Do Squats Properly

movement Sep 21, 2016

How to do squats PROPERLY! You are going to love these tips! They will help you make your squats more effective, lift your booty and give your pelvis, hips, and knees more support – plus help strengthen your deep core. Watch my short video below:

Squats are a very functional movement and one I highly recommend learning how to do properly asap!


  • Think of spiraling around your thighs
  • Exhale to connect then stand up out of your squat
  • Lightly zip up your deep core muscles
  • Lengthen tall through the top of your head
  • Keep your connection the entire 'set' and avoid releasing the 'connection'
  • Strive to feel the back of your legs working as much or more than your thighs {quads}
  • Your low back should be working to stabilize but never feel stressed
  • Think of your 'sitz bone' the boney underside of your butt {pelvis} pressing back them up as you stand out of a squat to help you activate those muscles on the underside of your pelvis

Lastly, avoid overusing your 'upper glutes'.

Sometimes those are mistaken for 'low back', and it can feel like you have pain in your low back. When really, you need to work on strengthening the underside of your glutes and hamstrings to give your pelvis better support.

This will also help you 'untuck' your butt! That's right! Stop tucking your bum as it's not helping you get your booty lifted again and actually 'shuts off' your deep core muscles! {there's much more on that I'll be posting about later}. 

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