How to Do A Kettlebell Swing

movement Oct 15, 2020
kettlebell swing

You might *think* you are doing your kettlebell swings correctly. 

>>But does it hurt your low back more than making your whole body stronger? I thought that's why you might be here!<<

Well friend, I’m here to tell you that you DON’T have to have to deal with back pain when doing kettlebell swings...or any movement for that matter!

Over the years I have mastered my unique training technique to teach you how to make your movement more effective.

And the best part? It's all about bringing awareness to how you're moving.

Below is a kettlebell swing tutorial that will leave you feeling strong and empowered!

Getting Started

First things first, I always recommend getting the motion down before you add any weight. Going too heavy with your weight too soon is one of the worst things you can do because it will make it much harder to understand the movement.


A good kettlebell swing starts with the squat, but here are a couple of things to bring awareness to before you drop it low:

  1. Watch that you're not tucking your booty
  2. Avoid overly arching your back

Find a solid position where you can feel your hamstrings, glutes and a light zipping up of your low belly.


Once you have the squat down, all that's left to do is add the swing. I want you to think about using your mid-back to power your swing up. Adding a little pop of your chest will help to activate those muscles while keeping length through the top of your head.

What To Avoid

Kettlebell swings get taught incorrectly a looot so I want to set some things straight before you get to swinging.

  • Don't round your back as you lower into your squat. This will cause it to go straight into your back rather than your legs.
  • As you swing, make sure you're not sending your pelvis forward. It's another one of those old school ways of teaching that shoots pain into your low back. Instead, think about using your hamstrings to give your pelvis and back more support.

There you have it friend: how to do a kettlebell swing.

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*I know you'll love it!*

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