How to Create Space Along Your Spine

movement Oct 08, 2020
spine health

Can I let you in on a little secret about getting rid of your low back pain?

This isn't your Band-Aid solution, but I promise this works!

Here it is:

>>The secret to decreasing back pain is to use your core to move your body.<<

*I know, I know. Sounds simple enough, right?!*

It's all about improving the mobility and articulation of your spine so you can have a better functioning core.

>>Women tend to overuse their low back to move their body leaving them hanging out there throughout their day.<<

That, my friend, is how you develop back pain, which has the possibility of being reversed and prevented.

This is where the power of fascia comes in:

>>Fascia forms in the direction you move your body.<<

So the low back pain that you have developed has the potential to completely go away by creating new habits and bringing awareness to how you are holding your body.

So how do you begin to get rid of back pain? It comes down to a couple of things:

  1. Stop using your back to move your body and instead use your core
  2. Create space along your spine to have better energy flow through your fascia

As a core exercise and fascial specialist, my goal with the movement that I teach is to translate what you’re doing with your movement practice into your daily life so you can move more easily.

*No more fears of getting up and down from the ground, mama!*

In the video below, I guide you through these two exercises to help you create space along your spine:

  • Standing Cat Cows
  • Roll-Ups

Because when you start to create space between each vertebra, you are no longer relying on your low back to hold you're using your entire core.

And remember habits take time to create and fascia takes time to form! So give yourself some grace and find peace in knowing that you're right where you're supposed to be. 

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