Hip Stability Exercise To Create Space

movement Apr 22, 2021

Does your hip snap when you do core exercises, lift your leg, or go for a run?

Maybe the clicking noise has been bothering you for years or it's something that is holding you back from strengthening your core.

Let me tell you something: hip snapping syndrome is NOT normal and there IS something you can do about it.

*Yes, you can consider me your fairy godmother.*

>>A lot of pain and dysfunction that happens in the pelvis and low back is because the hips are not stable in the right place.<< 

So how do you create stability and space in your hips to minimize hip snapping? With side-lying leg reaches.

Now before you say, "Oh my gosh, Erica, I already know how to do this," hear me out because while this move may seem simple, it is often done incorrectly.

Here are 5 techniques to help improve your side-lying leg lifts so you can create space above your hip capsule!

  1. Don’t rest your head on your hand as it can add stress to your neck
  2. Keep a mouse hole above your hip so your side is not sinking into the mat 
  3. Stack your hips on top of each other to connect through your core
  4. Keep your range of motion small while pressing through the heel to create space
  5. With your leg parallel to the ground, bring it back a little bit to activate your hamstring

>>These hip strengthening techniques are important to prevent hip snapping and get rid of low back pain.<< 

Remember that the movement shouldn't come from your low back. Instead, use it to stabilize your hips so you can have a stronger core.

I believe you have the power to get rid of your snapping hip syndrome by bringing awareness to how you're moving your body.

It’s as simple as that!

>>When addressing the hips, I always start at the pelvis because the pelvic floor is the foundation of the body.<<

This is why I always address the pelvis when working with new clients and ESPECIALLY the hips because they are a part of the pelvis. To give you a kick start, I want to give you my free Pelvic Floor Guide to be an all-in-one resource for women at any stage of their pelvic floor health.

Inside, you’ll find step-by-step instructions to properly activate your pelvic floor, tips on how to engage with it daily, and also understanding what your pelvic floor is.

Does that sound like something you need? *I thought so.* Download it >>HERE<< and start enhancing your health!

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