The Exercise You Need to Release Tight Hips

exercise Feb 03, 2023

Recently, I shared a hip alignment episode on my Core Connections podcast.

Core Connections is where I bring you cutting-edge ideas, research, and solutions for all things health, fitness, and wellness related. I brought Jen on to discuss tight hips and it sparked some really important insights.

Jen and I shared our expert advice on:

  • Daily habits to release tight hips,
  • Hamstring strengthening, and
  • Exercise improvements.

While we talked about so many amazing things, I wanted to show you how to release tight hips so you can:

  • Rebalance your body,
  • Decrease hip pain, and 
  • Move better throughout your day.

So let's get into the exercise you need to release your tight hips by clicking play on the video below!

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