7 Habits To Change To Enhance Your Health

lifestyle Jul 12, 2021

Oh, ladies, I've been in the health and wellness space for almost 20 years...Can you believe it?!

Over the years, there have been tried and true lifestyle changes that I encourage fellow busy moms to make so they can:

  • decrease annoying aches and pains,
  • heal their pelvic floor,
  • close diastasis recti, and
  • get back to the things they love.

I'm going to give you 7 habits that you need to break to enhance your health, but before we get there, let me explain WHY these habits need to be broke in the first place.

Women tend to join me inside my online programs because of my unique training techniques and movement practices that I designed to heal their bodies.

>>For many years, movement was what I was known for.<<

I knew my ability to look at the body as a whole was an asset as a fitness professional, and for many years I was okay with being just that.

However, when I began to understand that everything is connected in the body involved more than just physical and anatomical perspective, I realized that I could enhance women's health in more ways than just movement.

  • Mindset allows you to create new neuropathways in your brain.
  • Gut function allows you to detoxify the body.
  • Breathwork allows you to boost your body's energy.

All of these things that you don't think would play a role in your health do.

By continuing to learn how everything is connected, I am now able to dive in deeper with the women that I work with so they can get back to living a life that they love!

*Wondering how to begin? I got you, Beautiful!*

>>In order to make lifestyle changes, you must start small so you can stay consistent and mindful of the habit you're trying to change.<<

The women inside my programs are taking action and setting themselves up for success for whatever life throws at them in the future.

*And you can too!*

Some examples of Habits you can begin to break as a busy mom are:

  1. Inconsistent sleep schedule
  2. Negative thoughts
  3. Eating gluten
  4. Sucking belly to spine
  5. Tucking the booty
  6. Shallow breathing
  7. Multi-tasking

There is more to your health than meets the eye and I want to help you discover something new about your body in my upcoming masterclass, The Pelvic Floor's Role In Healing The Body.

Here’s what you’ll learn in my free class:

  • How to stop peeing your pants when you run, laugh, jump, or sneeze
  • Ways to decrease back pain, neck pain, hip pain, pelvis pain, and more discomforts
  • The best way to heal diastasis recti and improve pelvic floor function
  • …and more!

If you're feeling empowered to take control of your health, I'd be honored to be your guide. Save your seat for The Pelvic Floor's Role In Healing The Body >>HERE!<<

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