Getting Toned In Just 10 Minutes

movement Apr 26, 2021

Do you ever feel like there's not enough time in the day to get a workout in?

It may sound a little dramatic, but that struggle is all too familiar. As a mom of three, I would get discouraged, feel like I lost momentum, and still think I wasn't doing enough to get in an hour at the gym. It was exhausting!

…That is until I found the power that moving your body for just 10-minutes a day has on the body.

Let me say that again so sinks in…I can tone, strengthen, and lengthen my body in the time it takes me to shower. *Now this is something you can do every day!*

I can feel your disbelief through the screen, but I can’t wait to change your perspective because these short workouts can enhance your health.

>>A successful movement practice isn't about doing the perfect number of reps or breaking a sweat. It's about creating a consistent routine that focuses on moving with purpose to strengthen your entire body.<<

In this workout, I’m going to give you a small ball sequence that works to activate your fascia while rebalancing your body to get rid of any aches and pains.

When you begin to get consistent with your workouts Beautiful, you can reach your health goals!

My hope for this workout is to inspire you to prioritize your movement practice, save you the dread and pressure of going to the gym, and feel mentally prepared to take on the challenges life throws at you. So are you ready? Click play on the Pilates workout below to start getting your deep core to fire!

If you’re looking for more short and effective workouts I'd love for you to check out my 10-Minute Pilates Flow to help get consistent with your movement practice and kiss workout overwhelm goodbye. It’s yours for FREE >>HERE!<<

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