Can You Live with Diastasis Recti?

deep core Jul 23, 2021

Does your abdominal separation feel like it's never going to close?

*Friend, I've been there.*

After I had my third, I was left with a bigger separation along my rectus abdominis.

>>But that doesn't stop me from keeping up with my kids.<<

If you've been wondering if you can live with diastasis recti, here's what I have to say about it.

What Is Diastasis Recti?

Let's start with understanding the basics. Diastasis recti is when there is more than a one-finger width space down the linea alba.

It is also when there is no feedback when you press into the separation. Think of it as being able to press your whole fist into your stomach.

While both are symptoms of diastasis recti, I believe that the depth of the separation is more important to address than the width. This is because closing diastasis is more about strengthening the fascial system rather than the muscular system.

Healing Diastasis Recti

It's commonly thought that in order for diastasis recti to be healed, the separation along the linea alba needs to be completely closed.

*That's totally not the case.*

If you think of what a six-pack looks like, those muscles aren't right next to each other...there is some space in between there right?!

In order to heal diastasis recti, you need to create better fascial tensegrity and strength through the deep core and abdominal wall.

*This is where depth becomes more important than width!*

Living with Diastasis Recti

When you heal diastasis recti, you can't move on back to your high-intensity workouts and crazy ab exercises.

*That can actually bring diastasis recti back.*

Instead, learn techniques that you can apply to your life so your abdominals will hold themselves as you continue to strengthen your deep core.

You may still be left with bigger than a one-finger width space if you're living with functional diastasis, but you’re also in a place where the depth has connection and tensegrity through your core.

>>If you are feeling like your gap will never close, I hope this gives you the hope that you can live with diastasis recti if you learn proper fascial techniques!<<

If you have more diastasis recti questions that you want answered, check out my Diastasis Recti Guide. This guide goes through six of the most common questions women ask me about diastasis recti. It's a conversation I love to have and now I get to have it with you. Download it >>HERE!<<

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