Coming Full-Circle

wellness Jul 28, 2021

I was recently taking a walk outside with my dog, Bear, while my daughter was at soccer practice.

Only 5 minutes into our walk the sounds of nature were by a sneeze.

Why does a sneeze matter? *Great question!*

After moving my family back to Iowa, we used to all take allergy medicine every day.

*If you're from the Midwest, you know what I'm talking about.*

It wasn't until I was recovering from mold toxicity in 2018 when I started to notice other areas of my health improving as well.

Because not too long ago, I was the one taking medication to prevent getting a runny nose or itchy eyes when I stepped outside the door.

*When I don't like taking a pill if I don't have to.*

>>Now, after detoxing my body, I have discovered that my seasonal allergies are gone and the struggle it took me to recover from mold toxicity was worth it.<<

It feels so good to have a full-circle moment as a reminder that everything in the body is connected and your body is always communicating with you.

That setback is what got me to a healthier place.

>>I am grateful for what I thought I knew then because it has opened my mind to what I know now.<<

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