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Foam Rolling Release for Low Back Pain

exercise Oct 06, 2016

 Foam Rolling Glute Release

Tired of that annoying low back pain? Say 'bye-bye' with this simple and extremely effective foam rolling glute release exercise. {be sure to sign up at the bottom for some of my tips for improving your posture and core strength starting today!}

I absolutely LOVE foam rolling!

Plus the benefits of including foam rolling release exercises can be incredible. Every single one of my clients has seen tremendous benefit by learning simple foam rolling release exercises.

If you find this one provides a bit of relief in your low back and/or sacral area in even just after spending 30 to 60 seconds releasing then it's one that I recommend you do on a daily basis. Some simple tips for making this foam rolling release most effective:

  1. Engage your deep core muscles
  2. Lengthen tall through the top of your head
  3. Move s-l-o-w-l-y
  4. Breathe deep + slow
  5. Relax those tense shoulders and hip!

My favorite foam roller is by Trigger Point and you can find it here on Amazon - plus because it's hollow you can easily travel with it! I never get on a plane without mine {just stuff some clothes inside so it's doesn't take up much space}. *this article contains Amazon affiliate links, all opinions are completely my own






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