Fascia Release Exercises

movement Nov 25, 2020
Fascia Release Exercises

Do you ever wonder how one begins to release their fascia?

*You can answer this question whether fascia is a new word to you or you're just looking for a new way to re-energize your body!*

Don’t worry my friend, your fascia won't be tight for too much longer.

>>I’ve created a 5-minute fascial release practice to lengthen your body, connect with your breath and wake up those deep fascial layers.<<

By the end of this quick video, you’ll realize the power that a small ball has in your release work just like the hundreds of women who have inside my Core Rehab program!

And if you’re ALSO ready to learn something new about your body to enhance the way it functions, I have good news…I want to teach you 3 Mistakes You’re Making That Contribute to Back Pain, Diastasis Recti and Peeing Your Pants

You will leave this free class feeling:

  • Confident in saying bye-bye to aches and pains
  • Empowered to take control of your health
  • Hopeful in getting back to the activities you love in life

If you’re ready to heal your body safely and effectively, be sure to save your seat >>HERE<<. This is the first time I'm teaching this masterclass for free, so you'll want to save your seat so you can get your confidence in your body back.

I’ll see you soon, friend!

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