Exercises For Back Pain Relief

movement Mar 15, 2021

Are you tired of dealing with hip pain, neck pain, and back pain?

*Silly question, I know!* 

That pain your feeling is coming from deep within your core and can be alleviated with gentle exercises.

The foundations of what I teach are designed to create new and stronger fascial connections starting in the deep core and pelvic floor.

Here are two exercises to get you started living a pain-free life.


This is a great exercise to feel your core connection, lengthen your spine, and work on your breathing. Starting with your feet about a foot away from the wall, lengthen up and tuck your chin as you peel down slowly one vertebra at a time.

Use the wall to guide your spine by pressing each vertebra into the wall. Let your pelvis move with you and keep your hips pushing into the wall. Once you get as far as you can go, let your head hang while breathing into your back.

On your exhale, zip-up from the pelvic floor and use your core to stack your spine up against the wall. Feel the length that you just created from your deep core as you go throughout your day.

Standing Cat Cows

This is a great go-to when starting to alleviate your aches and pains. Starting with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart, relax your shoulders and open up your chest. Send your sits bones back as you feel length through your spine and activation underneath your pelvis.

Breathe out to your sides and into your back.

On your exhale, draw underneath your pelvis as you round your spine, straighten your legs, and let your head fall. This will open up your mid-back towards the ceiling while letting your shoulders relax.

Then as you inhale, bring your head up out of your shoulders and feel your mid-back working as you send your sits bones back to a lengthened out position.

So there you have it, Beautiful! Two exercises that you can incorporate into your morning routine to start minimizing your back pain TODAY.

I can’t wait to see how connecting with your body through gentle movement is going to transform the way you feel.

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