Taking Time To Connect With Your Body

lifestyle Jul 26, 2021
  • Work all day.
  • Drive kids around.
  • Pick up the house.

Is there any time to focus on you?

*Absolutely there is.*

Don’t get me wrong, I like to be busy.

But if you neglect your movement practice, you won't be able to show up for others in the best way that you can.

*And I don’t want that for either of us, Beautiful.*

  • Are the days long? Yes.
  • Is the to-do list never-ending? Maybe.
  • Do you feel exhausted? Sure.

But the only person who can take care of you...is you.

So, here is a reminder that you can pour from an empty cup.

>>Your health is just as important for your loved ones as it is for you.<<

And friend, you can't continue to be the best version of yourself if your body is stressed and exhausted.

Pause, take a deep breath, and determine what you have time for today to fill your cup.

I’ll be here for support and encouragement.

My favorite way to take time for myself is through movement. Working out doesn't have to be sweating it out at the gym for an hour. Let me teach you how to connect your mind to your body with my 10-Minute Pilates Flow. Click >>HERE<< to get access to one of my favorite movement practices so you can get back to living the life that you love.

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