Exercises To Do While Your Coffee Brews

movement Jul 16, 2020

Waking up is a little easier when you know you have a cup of coffee calling your name, but why not make the most of your brewing time?

This tutorial is going to walk you through simple movements to get your body moving with just a countertop.

  • You got your coffee brewing?
  • You got a countertop?
  • You got a light core connection?

>>Awesome! You have all you need.<<

Movement is not about putting more on your plate (or in your cup)...It’s about reframing how you’re using your time, how you're holding your body and how you define exercise.

Below are 3 ways to do just that!

Plank Slides + Push-Ups

I want you to start by place your hands on the counter and getting up on your toes. You are then *as always* going to lightly zip up through your pelvic floor and deep core.

On your inhale, lower your heels to the floor and on your exhale, lift them off the ground. This movement should really help you start to feel that connection in your deep core.

When you’re ready, you can incorporate a few push-ups!

Continue lightly zipping up through your pelvic floor and deep core while firing your quads. As you inhale, push down mid-way and on your exhale, press up.

You want to stay open in your chest and really be using that mid-back. Remember to stay strong through your torso and don’t let your booty drop. Your breath should be what's initiating your movements!!

Standing Cat Cows

With your hands still on your counter, send your hips back so you can start to feel opposition in your body.

On your exhale, do a pelvic tilt, round your spine and soften your knees.

On your inhale, open up across your chest and lift your head so you can reallllllly feel the spreading of your sitz bones.


This time you are going to use the countertop for support as you rotate your feet out and place your heels together.

By now you know the drill! Make sure you are lightly zipped up from your pelvic floor + deep core as you lengthen tall through the top of your head.

On your inhale, lower down into a plié squat and your exhale, come back up.

REMEMBER: DO NOT tuck your bum!

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