3 Ways To Begin Closing Diastasis Recti

deep core Aug 18, 2021

Friend, closing your diastasis recti isn't as complicated as it may seem. *I don’t say that lightly!*

If you are already educating yourself on how to close diastasis recti, you know that surgery is not the only answer.

And if you haven’t already started healing your body from the inside out, then is your sign to start.

In my almost 20 years of working with the deep core, I have learned what it takes to close diastasis recti. Oftentimes, women think that there should be no gap at all, but I'm here to tell you that one-finger width space is NORMAL.

It may take some time, but start by taking these steps to close your diastasis recti so you can improve the functionality of your body:

  1. Strengthen your deep core through breathwork and gentle movement.
  2. Rebalance your body's alignment through fascial strengthening and release work.
  3. Improve digestion and gut function to decrease inflammation.

Have more questions about healing your diastasis recti? Check out this free resource:

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