Choosing Progress Over Perfection

mindfulness Mar 01, 2021
progress over perfection

I’m going to be real with you ladies...these past few weeks have not been ideal.

Between winter travel, homeschooling my kiddos, and running the business there were some days that I was (am) barely keeping my head above water!

But in those moments where you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and just plain blah, I remind myself that I’m a work in progress...we all are.

>>Give yourself grace for the days when you're not feeling 100% and be proud of what you were able to accomplish.<<

Because we are all just trying to make it work with what we’ve got.

Over my almost 20 years in the fitness industry, I have learned to live my life in much more of a flow state so I can handle whatever comes my way.

Having a consistent movement practice has helped calm my mind monkey chatter and kept me moving forward.

>>It’s time to get over having every box checked on your to-do list at the end of the day. You must keep choosing progress over perfection because a small step has a greater impact than no step at all.<<

For help on showing up consistently for your movement practice so you can keep up with your kids and life, grab my free Pilates Flow Workout >>HERE!<<

You are right where you're supposed to be, beautiful.

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